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Window Treatments: Fashionable or Not?

When it comes to windows, many homeowners have their own preferences. Some like their units bare while others find them unattractive without blinds, curtains or any type of window treatment. In today’s post, Renewal by Andersen® of Arkansas, home of your local bay window replacement pros, discusses both sides of the argument.

Window Treatments for Accent

Tradition dictates that if you have windows in your home, they need to be dressed with window treatments. It is mostly a matter of privacy, especially if you want your home to be concealed from the outside. Ideally, you should consider treatments for your bedroom and even your bathroom since these areas require the most privacy.

More importantly, window coverings help boost your interior’s aesthetic appeal. With so many choices that reflect your personal tastes, you can turn a modest space into something rich and stylish. Also, these are useful when you don’t want sunlight to cause your furniture to fade.

Going Bare Is Okay

Then again, letting windows stand out without any treatments isn’t bad either. With energy-efficient windows available on the market today, you can eliminate the window treatments. Of course, proper window installation by the pros is key to achieving the qualities you want.

Apart from their beauty, replacement windows are known for their high performance and function. Our offerings, for instance, are equipped with low-E glass, which blocks unwanted ultraviolet (UV) and infrared rays. With this glass, you won’t have to worry about furniture fading or your room feeling hotter or colder than it should be. You can even maximize daylighting for your home better.

True enough, window treatments for our energy-efficient windows are not necessary. With clean, uninterrupted lines combined with their notable features and functions, your window’s beauty is enough to make them the highlight of your home.

For your specialty windows installation needs, turn to Renewal by Andersen of Arkansas. We are your leading provider of high-quality replacement windows and doors in the area. Call us at (479) 250-3588, or fill out our contact form to schedule a design consultation or obtain a quote completely free of charge. Our service areas include Fayetteville, AR, and surrounding communities.


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