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Two-Part Blog: Signs of Broken Window Seals

Your window units are supposed to be airtight to ensure you have a comfortable indoor environment while keeping your heating and cooling usage to a minimum. When this tight seal begins to break down, however, you are looking at problems in both comfort and energy efficiency.

Renewal by Andersen® of Arkansas, your local window and door replacement contractor, discusses windows and energy efficiency in this two-part blog. In part one, we tackle the signs your windows may have broken window seals.

Interior Condensation

Windows with double-pane glass become prone to moisture forming in between the glass panes once the tight seal begins to deteriorate. Fogginess or haziness may come and go, however, depending on changes in temperature and humidity levels both inside and outside your home. Regardless, it is a sign your windows are no longer as effective as they once were. Consider replacing them as soon as possible.

Distortion on the Glass Panes

Double-pane insulated glass units utilize inert gas like krypton and argon to ensure optimal window performance. When seals break, the escape of gas is not the only thing that happens. The panes may bend and collapse slightly in the center, making your windows look distorted. This problem is also observed in sliding patio doors. An immediate replacement helps address this issue.

Drafts in Windows

Bad weatherstripping around the window sashes causes drafts to occur. Broken seals, however, may also let outdoor air into your home. The gaps can also provide an entryway for water, especially during times of heavy downpour.

Broken seals must be immediately addressed. Invest in energy-efficient windows to replace your damaged units. Check out the second of our two-part blog to learn more the reasons for this.

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