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The Truth Behind the Top Sliding Door Myths

Today’s sliding doors are much more advanced. They’re sleeker, more beautiful and easier to operate. However, even with these notable qualities, you may have come across some misconceptions about these fixtures. Here’s the truth behind these myths.

A Propensity to Leak Water

Wind-carried rain can cause any opening in your home to leak, including sliding doors. Even so, today’s products can resist leakage, including the tracks that are mounted flush with the floor. Window and door manufacturers, in fact, test fixtures to see how well they can withstand certain levels of protection from the environment. When pursuing a patio door installation, speak with a pro to find out if the product is well-suited for your local area’s climate.

Hard-to-Slide Big Panels

This myth stems from older-style sliding doors and their big, heavy panels that make them difficult to operate. Fortunately, this is no longer the case with modern sliding patio doors, thanks to advancements in engineering and hardware. Today’s products use high-performance components, such as precision rollers that help slide the panels with minimal effort. Of course, properly maintaining your doors is necessary to prevent operation issues down the road.

Ugly-Looking Doors

Apart from being bulky, the sliding doors from decades ago were unsightly, detracting from the beauty of the home’s interior. Today’s iteration, however, now features sleek, narrow frames that result in a bigger glass area for a wider outdoor view. These frames are available in a wide variety of material options as well as a plethora of colors, finishes and hardware.

Don’t let these myths get in the way of improving your home and creating a seamless connection between your indoors and outdoors. Experience the versatility and ease of operation afforded by the quality sliding patio doors from Renewal by Andersen® of Arkansas. Our new door installation pros are ready to install one in your home to help enhance your home’s appearance and energy efficiency.

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