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Signs That Indicate You Need a New Front Entry Door

Entry doors are an essential part of every home’s exterior. And, due to exterior conditions, you will eventually need a new one. Check out the below signs to determine if it’s time to invest in a new door.

Your Entry Door Is Starting to Look Its Age

Your old entry door may already be showing its age through scratches, dents and maybe a significantly-faded finish. Worn-out traditional wood doors can be restored – in fact, this is the ideal if the door is an historic piece – but it’s more practical to have modern steel or fiber entry doors replaced.

Entry door replacement is also an opportunity to update your exterior. Whereas siding or bay window replacement needs to work with the rest of the house’s exterior color palette, front door replacement is more independent. An entry door with a striking color and design creates a focal point that wouldn’t look out of place, even in a monochromatic color palette.

You Feel Drafts Around the Door Area

Like windows and patio doors, entry doors need a proper seal between sash and frame. It helps prevent air from leaking between indoor and outdoor spaces, in turn preventing drafts during cold seasons. Old entry doors can become warped over time, which results in gaps between the sash and the frame, causing drafts. In addition to the uncomfortably cold or warm spots depending on the season, drafts can also cause utility costs to increase.

Your Front Door Is Difficult to Open and Close

Thermal expansion and contraction happens when something is exposed to extreme temperatures. Some materials expand and contract evenly; others do not. Traditional wooden doors are among the latter. When exposed to moisture and extreme temperatures, wood becomes warped. A solid wooden door becomes difficult to open and close. While warped wood doors can be planed and refinished, these are temporary fixes. Replacing it with an entry door made of material that expands and contracts evenly is a better long-term solution.

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