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How Do Leaking Windows Affect Your Home?

Whenever people talk about leaks, most homeowners think of water leaking from the roof or plumbing, or gas leaking from the gas pipe. However, there is one more type of leak that often takes a toll on the home undetected: air leakage in windows.

What Is Air Leakage?

Air Leakage is a problem characterized by regulated indoor air “leaking” through small gaps in the home’s walls. These gaps are almost always found in doors and windows, especially if those features are already old or damaged by years of wear and tear.

How Does It Affect Your Home?

Air leakage is often associated with a few things. First, a leak compromises the home’s insulation, forcing HVAC units to use up more energy. Second, it causes temperature fluctuations that can cause discomfort. Last but not least, air leakage can cause condensation, which can lead to moisture damage.

How to Spot Air Leaks

Air leaks largely go unnoticed but they’re actually easy to find. You can start by holding your hand close to the window seams (between the sashes and along the frames). It also helps if you wet your hand so you have a better feel of the small current of air traveling through the gaps.

What to Do When You Spot an Air Leak

Depending on the severity of the air leak, you have two options. For minor cases, the gaps can be covered with sealant, and it will only take a day or two to fix it. For severe cases, you may have to replace the entire window to ensure a perfectly air-tight fit. If you need new windows, window replacement experts recommend having them installed by professionals instead of taking the DIY approach to ensure proper installation.

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