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Helpful Tips on Safely Cleaning Your New Windows

Enjoying the benefits of new windows is great, but you will have to clean your windows from time to time to ensure that they look wonderful year round. Here are a few helpful tips on how to clean windows safely and efficiently.

Clean When It’s Cloudy

You may think that it’s best to clean your windows on a bright, sunny day, but that may be troublesome. The intense heat and dry atmosphere can cause your cleaning solution to dry faster than you can rinse it off, creating hard to remove spots on the glass. Our experts recommend scheduling your window cleanup during cloudy days.

Dust Them Off

Try to dust off your windows before even attempting to scrub them. Pressing anything against a dusty window could cause tiny particles to get dragged on the surface and scratch the glass; plus, the dirt turns to mud when it gets wet. Doing this before even spraying your window will reduce the chances of you having to call a window replacement contractor to fix your window’s glass.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Solutions

Some homeowners make the mistake of getting the strongest cleaning solution they can buy and use those directly on their windows. They can negatively affect your windows, especially if have a low-E coating since the chemicals could strip it off. Our experts suggest sticking to mild cleaning solutions or a mix of warm water and soap.

Don’t Skimp on the Cleaner

You don’t want harsh chemicals damaging your new window installation, but that doesn’t mean you should be conservative when using a safe cleaning solution. In fact, using too little cleaning solution and not rinsing it off properly could create sticky spots that actually attract dirt. Use as much cleaning solution as you can, and wash it off thoroughly with water.

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