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Frequently Asked Questions About Energy-Efficient Windows

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs as well as your carbon footprint, you should definitely consider investing in energy-efficient windows. These windows can also improve your curb appeal and increase your property value.

What Is Low-E Glass? 

Low-emissivity or Low-E glass is coated with a clear material that blocks the transmission of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. This feature can boost the thermal efficiency of a window, minimize glare and protect your furnishings from the damaging effects of UV rays. If you live in a climate with long, hot summer months, you can benefit from windows with Low-E glass.

What Is Insulated Glass?

The term insulated glass means that there are at least two panes of glass divided by insulation at the edges. In between the glass are gases like krypton or argon, which improve thermal efficiency. It’s a feature you should look for in your new window installation. Gas is a better insulator than air as it further adds to the window’s thermal value.

What Makes R-Value Different From U-Value?  

R-value and U-value are similar. However, R-value pertains to wall and ceiling insulation value. The industry uses the term U-value when it comes to windows and other fenestration products. U-value measures the amount of heat that transfers through the window and into your home. The lower the U-value of a window is, the better its insulating properties.


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