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Common Window Replacement Scams and How to Avoid Them

There are many good and honest home improvement contractors in every city. Inevitably, there are also unscrupulous individuals. As a homeowner, your best protection is knowing their schemes and learning how to avoid them.

Too Good to Be True Prices

Replacement windows in the same category do not vary that much in terms of prices. This is why it’s always a good idea to do some research on what a project’s ballpark price is: you can easily tell if someone is trying to get you to sign the contract as soon as possible. Keep in mind that impossibly low prices always have a catch. Maybe, the price applies to very small replacement window sizes or ones that have bare-bones features.

“Special” Limited-Time Prices

Another sneaky sales tactic involves contractors offering homeowners a “special” low price if they sign it within the day or within a similarly short period of time. Some contractors get away with these schemes by initially quoting a severely inflated cost, then offering a “discount” by offering the real cost. At first, it sounds like you’re getting a good deal, and they won’t give you enough time to review the details of the quotation before the offer “expires”. Whether you’re buying a single replacement window or several sliding patio doors, an honest contractor will give you ample time to review and revise their quotation before signing it.

Bait and Switch

Bait and switch schemes are common tactics in many industries. With replacement windows, the scam goes like this: contractors will offer a certain type of replacement window, and, once you’ve signed the contract, they will change it by providing a “similar” type of window. Sometimes, they’ll use jargon and made-up model numbers to hide the differences.

Your protection against bait and switch scams is to make sure the contract doesn’t have a clause that allows the contractor to make changes without you signing off on it. Do not settle with “similar” products, and make sure that the contractor is providing exactly what’s described in the contract.

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