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4 Reasons Why Sliding Patio Doors Fail

Your patio doors will typically work without any issues, but there may come a time when they stop functioning as they should. So, why do patio doors fail?

1. Hair and debris on the tracks – The bottom part of the sliding patio door frame is crucial to its daily operation. It carries the weight of the sashes, and it has mechanisms that make them easy to open and close. Hair and debris can get in the tracks and obstruct their operation. Hair, in particular, can get into the rollers and cause them to get stuck or even get damaged. Include cleaning the tracks as part of your patio door maintenance routine to prevent such problems from happening.

2. Improper lubrication – Many homeowners make the mistake of using the wrong type of lubricant for their sliding French doors. While petroleum-based lubricants can be used, they attract dirt too quickly. This can result in clogged bearings that impede operation as well as increase friction that results in metal fatigue and accelerated wear. Look for silicone-based lubricants when buying lubrication for your sliding patio doors.

3. Low quality rollers – One of the reasons why you should invest in quality patio doors is because they will likely come with quality hardware. Moving parts like rollers are generally the first parts that fail, and, therefore, the better quality rollers your door has, the less likely it will fail.

4. Faulty installation – Even the best quality doors fail if not properly installed. There are variables that untrained installers don’t take into account when installing new patio doors, which could ultimately result in premature door failure. Faulty installation is also the cause of other problems, such as air leaks, which lead to drafts and heat loss during winter. This is why it’s important to work with reputable door contractors, particularly ones that offer workmanship coverage as part of their limited warranties.

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