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How to Prevent Door Swelling

Swelling commonly happens in wooden doors, particularly those with no protective finish. Wood is prone to expansion when it’s humid and contraction when the air is dry. Due to these movements, your wooden door can be hard to open and close at times.


But you can prevent door swelling.


Limit Exposure to Moisture


Moisture is often the main enemy here so it would be best to limit your door’s exposure to moisture. The location of your door has a lot to do with this. If you are constructing a new home, ensure that your doors are placed in the best location.


You can also have your door reinstalled in another area, but this can be a complicated and expensive project. That said, you can simply open your windows from time to time or use a dehumidifier.


Consider the Location of Your Door


As much as possible, avoid installing your door in an area where there is too much sun exposure – such as the westerm and southern exposures. Apart from this, take note of the moisture in the air as well. Choose a door that suits the climate in your location.


Opt for High-Quality Doors


Your doors should have superior quality since they protect you from intruders and the elements. Look into the design and features, and always consider your specific needs. If you want advice on what door to get, your contractor would surely be able to offer you the best recommendations.


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