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4 Best Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Windows Today

Windows are important of the home’s overall design. After all, they affect both the appearance and performance of your home inside and out. While replacing windows for the sake of better aesthetics makes sense, many homeowners tackle this home improvement project as a way to solve certain issues related to comfort, security and maintenance.

1. Moisture Problems

Your existing windows may no longer have an effective waterproof barrier that protects your interior from moisture and other weather elements. This can lead to rot, mold and other issues that compromise your home’s comfort levels and structural integrity. Consider a replacement as soon as you find these issues.

2. Drafts

Many homeowners pursue casement window replacement in response to the problem of drafts. We all know how outdoor air finding its way through tiny window gaps can derail indoor comfort. With the colder months approaching, you wouldn’t want to risk bringing in the chills into your room. Thus, it would make sense to tackle this project this fall.

3. Interior Furnishings

Wall hangings, curtains and furniture – these are the vital elements that make up your home’s interior. They look less nice, however, whenever they are exposed to sunlight. The ultraviolet (UV) light that comes with it can cause the colors of these fixtures to fade. Consider investing in new windows that feature low-emissivity (low-E) coatings that help block this harmful light.

4. Maintenance

Maintaining your windows benefits their appearance and longevity. However, when they get old, the upkeep can be tough. For your window replacement, choose units that come with very few care requirements. Renewal by Andersen® windows, for instance, are designed with Fibrex®, a composite frame material that can enhance your home’s beauty and versatility while lowering the amount of upkeep.

Count on the specialty windows installation pros at Renewal by Andersen of Arkansas. It’s the best decision you will ever make in terms of adding value and improving your home. For professional installation, rest assured that your windows are protected by one of the strongest limited warranties in the industry.

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"We were pleased with the process from the sales representative through installation. Our windows are beautiful, and we are very pleased we made the decision to replace our windows with Renewal by Andersen."

Scott & Jackie, Arkansas, AR
November, 16

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